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Showcase: Susan English

It’s been more than 35 years since Susan English was a college student, but that time in her life will stand out as the beginning of a long journey to good health. As a freshman she became hospitalized with elevated liver enzymes and lost 40 pounds. She recovered, but years later, she was diagnosed with giant cell hepatitis, which had caused some cirrhosis of her liver. Over the next 20 years, Susan battled moderate hepatic encephalopathy, suffered a spontaneous splenic artery aneurysm, endured extended stays in the hospital and rehabilitative care, and sat on the wait list for a new liver three times. Finally in August 2013, English received her gift of life at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Susan first competed at the Transplant Games in Cleveland, winning medals in swimming and trivia. She competed in Salt Lake City and again won medals in swimming and trivia. Read more about her 2018 medals here.

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