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Hero Donor Family Liaisons

Sheila and Terry Walters

Sheila and Terry Walters didn’t know what to expect when they attended their first Transplant Games of America in 2010. Just two years earlier, their 20-year-old son Caleb had died in a motorcycle accident near their home in Champaign, Illinois. A registered donor, Caleb donated his corneas through the Illinois Eye-Bank, one of the sponsors of Team Illinois.

            The Walters had worked tirelessly to continue their son’s legacy of helping others by sharing Caleb’s story and signing up new donors. Joining Team Illinois was another way to spread the word that organ and tissue donation saves lives. What they didn’t anticipate was the healing experience and the tremendous sense of gratitude bestowed on them by hundreds of grateful recipients.

            “We discovered the joy and life changing gift our son and others have provided for those in need,” says Terry. “[The Games] were an awesome and inspiring event as we met so many recipients, living donors and donor families. We had the opportunity to share our son’s story with others, who like us, had experienced tragic loss.”

            This summer the Walters will once again cheer on Team IL at the 2016 Transplant Games as Donor Family Liaisons. They invite and encourage all donor families to join them in Cleveland.

            “We look forward to possibly spending some of our summer getting to know you,” Terry says. “It is our hope you will consider attending the upcoming games in Ohio as a member of our team.”

            The Walters are answer any questions donor families may have. You may contact them using their personal email address at or by calling their cell numbers at 217.637.6053 or 6054.

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