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Hero Donor Family Liaisons

John and Joy Beach

John and Joy Beach became Donor Parents on August 1, 2014 upon the unexpected death of their son John. John was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident on the evening of his 22nd birthday that ultimately informed his family that he’d made the choice to be an Organ and Tissue Donor in the state of Illinois.

John saved and enhanced over 160 lives globally with his organs, tissues, and cornea. As a family, they started a foundation in John’s honor to bring awareness and education to others about organ and tissue donation advocacy, and have adopted the highway where his accident occurred, hosting a cleanup twice a year to allow the community to gather and remember John.

Joy has been an Ambassador for the Gift of Hope since 2015, speaking for hospitals and other groups raising transplantation awareness. In addition, Joy has been an active volunteer with Eversight Illinois and serving on the advisory board for a time.

In 2022, the couple was invited to travel to San Diego for the first time to participate in the Transplant Games. This event was so impactful for John Senior that he has since become a volunteer and advocate for Gift of Hope, sharing John’s story and raising grief/mental health awareness for donor and recipient families.

The Beach’s have met three of John’s six organ recipients and hope to meet any others living with John’s gift. They hope to continue to share John’s story and positively impact the community surrounding organ and tissue donation. 

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