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Transplant Games of America

Birmingham, Alabama: July 05-10, 2024

The Donate Life Transplant Games is a multi-sport festival for individuals who have undergone life-saving transplant surgeries. Competition is open to living donors and solid organ transplant recipients as well as bone marrow, cornea, and tissue transplant recipients. More than an athletic event, the Games highlight the success of transplantation; honor the lasting legacy of donors; provide hope to those who continue to wait; and promote donor registration.


While athletes must be recipients of life-saving transplant surgeries, anyone registered with a state-sponsored team can attend the five-day festival.  


The Transplant Life Foundation (formerly the Transplant Games of America -TGA) produces the Donate Life Transplant Games. The Games are held every two years in a different location in the United States. More than 10,000 people gathered in San Diego for the 2022 Games. Due to Covid, the 2020 Games were postponed and "reimagined" in the summer of 2021 through communities across the US. This event, while lacking some of the heartfelt emotion and the demonstration of tenacity and courage, still shined a light on the gift of life and the needs of more that 109,000 individuals waiting for a life-restoring organ. And, the TGA was able to broadcast live many events from the American Dream in New Jersey. There were many opportunities for people to experience how donation and transplantation affects thousands of lives every year. For more information visit the website at


Learn more about the Transplant Life Foundation.





Team Illinois

There are more than 40 state teams participating in the Donate Life Transplant Games of America. Team Illinois, part of Transplant Life Illinois, is the official TGA state team for the entire state of Illinois.


To participate in the Transplant Games, you must be affiliated with an official state team. To participate as part of Team Illinois, you must live in the state of Illinois and/or received your transplant at a hospital in Illinois should you live out of state.

We welcome anyone to join our team as a competitor or non-competitor. Read more about Team Illinois on the pages that follow.

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