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Minority/Diversity Liaison

Jerry Taylor

Jerry Taylor a compassionate and intellectually driven individual who calls the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, home. Jerry serves as the Deputy Chief of Talent at the esteemed Chicago Public Schools, where he has dedicated an impressive 19 years of his life to shaping the future of education.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jerry's heartwarming story takes a personal turn, adding depth to his character. In 2005, he faced a challenging diagnosis of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a rare kidney disease that required immediate attention. Undeterred, Jerry embraced the necessary treatments, including steroids and medications, to prevent the complete failure of his kidneys.

However, life took an unexpected turn when he lost his insurance at the age of 25, forcing him to discontinue his medications. Despite his resilience, the disease progressed, leading Jerry to undergo dialysis in 2008. For eight long years, he faced the physical and emotional challenges of dialysis, all while maintaining an unwavering spirit.

2017, Jerry's life changed dramatically when he received the extraordinary gift of a new kidney. Though he couldn't express his gratitude directly to the donor, as it was a posthumous donation, Jerry carries the memory of the donor and their family in his heart. This life-altering event has granted him a second chance at life, allowing him to rediscover the joys of mobility and reclaim activities that were once limited by his energy levels.

Jerry's journey has instilled in him a profound appreciation for the selflessness of organ donors and their families. He holds deep gratitude for the gift of sacrifice that has shaped his renewed existence. In addition to his professional pursuits, Jerry finds joy in leisure activities such as playing video games, spending quality time with loved ones, hitting the gym, and engaging in the friendly competition of bowling.

Jerry Taylor's story is not just one of triumph over adversity but a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of gratitude. His commitment to education and his resilient journey inspires us all to embrace life's challenges with grace and gratitude.


Jerry Taylor
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